Cancer de la prostate - taux de survie

Prostate cancer: a 99% survival rate 10 years after diagnosis

According to a British study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, following the diagnosis of localized prostate cancer, the survival rate is 99% after ten years, regardless of the treatment: Surgery, radiotherapy or simple active surveillance.
British researchers recruited 1,643 men diagnosed with localized prostate cancer and divided them into three groups according to prostate ablation, radiotherapy or simple active follow-up.
Ten years later, 17 patients died as a result of their prostate cancer: 8 in the active follow-up group, 5 in the operated group and 4 in the group with radiotherapy. Thus, the difference did not appear to be statistically significant between the groups.
Nevertheless, patients in the supervised group were more prone to metastasis, as cancer progressed in one in five men in this group and in one in 10 men in both treated groups. These localized tumors of the prostate are known to evolve rather slowly.
The authors conclude that the three approaches do not result in a significant mortality difference in ten years, but that a longer-term study would be required to monitor cancer progression beyond 10 years.