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Doctor DAVODY Location Docteur DAVODY Establishment The consulting office of Dr DAVODY is located on 31 Bis boulevard Suchet, 75016 , PARIS. Telephone : +33 1 45 27 06 29 Fax : +33 1 42 88 48 32 e-mail: davody@sfr.frCette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la

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Drop in cancer mortality in the USA

These results reflect progress in some major cancers (prostate, colon, breast and, for men, lung cancer) but some other cancers have increased mortality such as malignant melanoma and kidney cancer. There are regional differences, notably in relation to damage through smoking.

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A new technology for early screening of cancer

A new system allowing us to detect proteins of cancer cells applies the same magnetic phenomena as those used to read and write data on the hard disk of computers. The Californian researchers of STANFORD’s university who developed this system hope that it will enable the detection of cancer in its most early stages, when

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Is there such a thing as good cancer? … No!

Is there such a thing as good cancer? … No! For those who have not yet read this article, we refer them to We invite you to look closely at the 4th part where Mr. Jennings describes his life as a young man under hormone treatment.

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Large cancer of the right kidney with caval thrombus up above the anastomosis of the hepatic veins

Treatment of Kidney cancer

Conventional chemotherapy is highly inefficient in kidney cancer. Radiotherapy is contraindicated because this cancer is not radio-sensitive and in any case the very close relationship between the kidney and the intestine does not allow significant radiation doses due to the risk of intestinal necrosis. The use of new anti-angiogenesis agents in possible association with an

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Scanner: a cancer of the middle part of the kidney.


There is no antigen or other specific biological marker for the kidney as in the case of the prostate specific antigen (PSA) for the prostate and there is no means of early detection of this form of cancer. At present, 40% of kidney tumours are discovered accidentally during some examination involving imagery of the region

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The risk factors and the warning signs of kidney cancer

The rare family cases are encountered in young patient’s, frequently affected by bilateral tumors. The family risk exists for Von Hippel-Lindau disease and Bourneville tuberous sclerosis. The classic signs (hematuria pains, tumor) usually reveal voluminous and evolved cancers. When blood is spotted in urine, during all micturition, often accompanied with clots, it is a classic

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Genital prolapse treatment

Kinesitherapy is however efficient and must be praticed in cases of urinary incontinence among women, when this incontinence is isolated and not associated with genital prolapse. It mostly consists of manual re-education, but equally and above all is based on sphinter electrical stimulation helped by a personal endo-vaginal probe, coupled with biofeedback, and carried out

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Large cystocele without rectocele.

Diagnosis of pelvic organs prolapse

The colpocystogram is an x-ray of the prolapse obtained by shielding the pelvic organs. It allows each element to be examined because each has to be treated. Two images are made, one in a relaxed position, the other in maximum effort. Subsequently, on graph paper, the bone contours (pubis and sacrum) are superposed and one

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Genital prolapse

Risks and warning signs of genital prolapse

This is the permanent station erected only on the lower limbs, the most characteristic of the human species, which is the origin of this disease. Anthropomorphous apes “pongids” from Africa or Asia (chimpanzee, gorilla, orangutan), without tail, have a skeleton that bares some human resemblance in its morphology. But here the locomotion is most often

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