Large cystocele without rectocele.

Diagnosis of pelvic organs prolapse

Large cystocele without rectocele.

Large cystocele without rectocele.

The colpocystogram is an x-ray of the prolapse obtained by shielding the pelvic organs. It allows each element to be examined because each has to be treated.

Two images are made, one in a relaxed position, the other in maximum effort.
Subsequently, on graph paper, the bone contours (pubis and sacrum) are superposed and one can measure the development of the organs with effort.
Here one describes an important cystocele with urethral attachment without rectocele.
  • Less difficult for women, it allows an assessment of the pelvic dynamic of the different organs in a relaxed state and with effort in dynamic sequence.

The uro-dynamic assessment studies the functional parameters of the Bladder and the urethra, notably its sphincter.

In the case of leaks of urine, it defines the mechanism, which the specialist has already assessed in discussion with the patient and during clinical examination;

The ultrasound or echography of the genital and urinary organs examines the anatomy in detail enabling us to make better decisions on the approach to treatment.

The ovaries are studied as well as the uterus. Its size is measured in three dimensions and a clinical examination (vaginal touch) is used to estimate its volume

A genital smear is also necessary