Fruits and health

Diet, lifestyle and prostate cancer.

Food habits and lifestyle play a important role worth considering. For example, Chinese populations that live in China in accordance with their traditional lifestyles, develop fewer cases of prostate cancer while they present a rate 20 times higher for this disease when they live in United States. The common denominator in this example being lifestyle

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GLEASON diagram illustrating 5 cellular differentiation grades of prostate cancer.

What is the GLEASON grade and score?

These well differentiated cancers grow and spread out more slowly than poor differentiated or totally undifferentiated cancer. Here is the original GLEASON diagram that illustrates the 5 grades of prostatic cancer, from grade 1 well differentiated, to undifferentiated grade 5. Prostate cancer is usually a polymorphic tumor in which we meet several clones of diverse

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Modern Anatomy of the prostate with neuro vascular bundles necessary for an erection.

Is sex possible after radical prostatectomy?

The physiological mechanism that allows us to trigger and maintain an erection in humans is complicated. It is a vascular phenomenon: the erection occurs when the corpus cavernosum in the penis fill with arterial blood with a high flow into the cavernous arteries and a subsequent decrease in venous outflow. This vascular phenomenon is triggered

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Biopsy of the prostate with a pistol and guillotine needle

What is a prostate biopsy?

The operation today is carried out under local anaesthetic so it should be totally painless. It lasts about 15 minutes and no stay in hospital is necessary. The discomfort is usually moderate. Antibiotic treatment is given for five days after the biopsy to limit risks of infection.

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The PSA in the blood is partly free and partly bound to a protein.

What is a PSA blood test?

The highest rates of PSA are found in the seminal fluid; however a certain amount of PSA escapes the prostate ducts and joins the bloodstream, which allows for its dosage in the serum, which is at the heart of the development of the blood test. This serous dosage of PSA is used to assess the

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Examination of the prostate by rectal touch

What is digital rectal examination?

The major part of the prostate cannot be palpated by this digital rectal examination, but by examining its posterior face, the urologist can perceive abnormally firm zones or hardened nodules. This observation is abnormal because the prostate is usually smooth, elastic and of rounded consistency. However the palpation of an anomaly in the digital rectal

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Curative Treatments of Prostate Cancer

Curative treatment of prostate cancer is intended for patients with a prostate tumor that has remained localized in the gland, without having spread out into the capsule. The patient has the choice between several methods of treatment, the advantages and the disadvantages according to the particular case will have been explained to the patient by

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What are the complications or possible side effects of radical prostatectomy?

All complications, risks and side effects of the total and radical prostatectomy are explained in great detail, including exceptional complications on the information form of the French Urology Association site. The most specific risks, that the candidate for this surgery must understand are explained by the urologist and concern mostly urinary and sexual side effects.

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