Bladder cancer risk factors

Risk factors for bladder cancer

Risk factors for bladder cancer
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A risk factor is anything that alters a person’s risk of developing a disease such as cancer.

Many risk factors have been identified for many cancers. Risk factors such as smoking can be modified or eliminated.

Others such as the age of the subject or family history cannot be changed.

However, having one or more risk factors for a given disease does not mean that the person is going to be affected by the disease.

A number of people with risk factors never had bladder cancer while others with bladder cancer had no risk factors or minor risk factors.

However, it is important to be aware of these risk factors, as certain changes in people’s lifestyle can reduce the risk of contracting the disease.

Recognizing high-risk individuals for developing bladder cancer also allows them to be offered tests that can be used to diagnose them earlier, when treatments are more likely to be effective.

If the same person has multiple risk factors for bladder cancer, he or she is more likely to develop bladder cancer than someone without these risk factors.

Researchers do not know exactly what causes most bladder cancers.

However, they have identified a number of risk factors and are beginning to understand how they can interact with bladder cells to make them cancerous.

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