Epidemiology and Aetiology of Renal Cell Carcinoma

Kidney cancer accounts for 3 % of adult cancers in Western countries . The origin of the renal cell carcinoma is multifactorial as is the case for most cancers . Studies have identified risk factors associated with age , gender, tobacco use and other associated diseases. In 2% of cases , there is a genetic

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Large cancer of the right kidney with caval thrombus up above the anastomosis of the hepatic veins

Treatment of Kidney cancer

Conventional chemotherapy is highly inefficient in kidney cancer. Radiotherapy is contraindicated because this cancer is not radio-sensitive and in any case the very close relationship between the kidney and the intestine does not allow significant radiation doses due to the risk of intestinal necrosis. The use of new anti-angiogenesis agents in possible association with an

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Scanner: a cancer of the middle part of the kidney.


There is no antigen or other specific biological marker for the kidney as in the case of the prostate specific antigen (PSA) for the prostate and there is no means of early detection of this form of cancer. At present, 40% of kidney tumours are discovered accidentally during some examination involving imagery of the region

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The risk factors and the warning signs of kidney cancer

The rare family cases are encountered in young patient’s, frequently affected by bilateral tumors. The family risk exists for Von Hippel-Lindau disease and Bourneville tuberous sclerosis. The classic signs (hematuria pains, tumor) usually reveal voluminous and evolved cancers. When blood is spotted in urine, during all micturition, often accompanied with clots, it is a classic

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The epidemiological aspects of kidney cancer

The most frequent aspect (60 in 80 % of the primitive cancers in adults) is an epithelial tumor: the kidney clear cells adenocarcinoma, still called Grawitz tumor or renal cell carcinoma or nephrocarcinoma. These tumors are bilateral in 15 % of the cases. Tubulo-papillairy tumors represent 10 to 15 % of kidney cancers. They are

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