Prostate cancer: a 99% survival rate 10 years after diagnosis

According to a British study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, following the diagnosis of localized prostate cancer, the survival rate is 99% after ten years, regardless of the treatment: Surgery, radiotherapy or simple active surveillance. British researchers recruited 1,643 men diagnosed with localized prostate cancer and divided them into three groups according

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Prostate Cancer: Effects of Cholesterol

High levels of total cholesterol and triglycerides favor the recurrence of prostate cancer, so it is important to act on this parameter. This study by Duke University, North Carolina, involved 1,000 patients who underwent total prostatectomy (prostate removal). Data on blood lipid levels were analyzed and associations were first demonstrated between high levels of triglycerides

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PROSTATE cryogel en 3D

Prostate Cancer: Use of cryogel 3D to track cell track

The journal is called “Small” because she is interested in the infinitely small. This Karlsruhe scientific team of Institute of Technology (KIT) have developed a 3D model based on cryogels reproducing the natural processes of development and progression of prostate cancer. The model can track the progress of each cancer cell. Already recognized by experts

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Tension-free Vaginal Tape

Urinary Incontinence

The Risk factors are better known. There are congenital factors: pelvic floor disorders are less common among black and asian women. Among the established factors : Obstetrical trama is at the forefront. Pelvic surgery. The pelvic hypertension induced by obesity, constipation or a chronic cough. Menopause. The care of incontinent patients must undergo a clinical

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Drop in cancer mortality in the USA

These results reflect progress in some major cancers (prostate, colon, breast and, for men, lung cancer) but some other cancers have increased mortality such as malignant melanoma and kidney cancer. There are regional differences, notably in relation to damage through smoking. André Philippe Davody

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A new technology for early screening of cancer

A new system allowing us to detect proteins of cancer cells applies the same magnetic phenomena as those used to read and write data on the hard disk of computers. The Californian researchers of STANFORD’s university who developed this system hope that it will enable the detection of cancer in its most early stages, when

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Is there such a thing as good cancer? … No!

Is there such a thing as good cancer? … No! For those who have not yet read this article, we refer them to We invite you to look closely at the 4th part where Mr. Jennings describes his life as a young man under hormone treatment. André Philippe Davody

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