Prostate schematic diagram

The Prostate: Definition & Function

The where, what, and why of a male-only gland How can a gland the size of a walnut that weighs only about an ounce cause so much trouble? To answer this question, one must look at the prostate’s position in a very crowded place in the body. The prostate is located in front of the

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Fruits and health

Diet, lifestyle and prostate cancer.

Food habits and lifestyle play a important role worth considering. For example, Chinese populations that live in China in accordance with their traditional lifestyles, develop fewer cases of prostate cancer while they present a rate 20 times higher for this disease when they live in United States. The common denominator in this example being lifestyle

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La prostate dans l'anatomie de l'appareil génital masculin

The Prostate

The prostate produces secretions which constitute one of the components of the sperm, with the secretion of seminal vesicles and that of testicles. This last one is conveyed by vas deferens. The vas deferens run from testicles up to the urethra which they join at the level of the prostate. The diverse diseases which can

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Prostate cancer diagram

What is prostate cancer?

It is in the prostate that the male hormone, testosterone, is converted into di-hydro-testosterone (DHT), which stimulates the growth and the multiplication of cancer cells. During its evolution, prostate cancer can develop also outside the prostate gland by means of remote metastases, usually appearing during this disease in neighbouring lymph nodes and in the bones.

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Treatment of prostate cancer in HIV-positive people

A recent study observed the effects of a treatment with external beam radiation or brachytherapy or a combination of both in 14 men who we’re known to be HIV positive. The external beam radiation had no long-term negative effects on the immune system of these patients. The observed complications were in all respects comparable to

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