Problemes d'érection - implants péniens

Erectile dysfunctions following radical prostatectomy

Erectile dysfunction remains the most common side effect after prostatectomy. How erectile dysfunction can be solved? What are the available treatments? A range of solutions exist to overcome erection problems consecutive to prostate ablation. These treatments are gradual; in all cases, the motivation of the couple and psychological support are essential for treatment success.   The level of

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Sexual life post-prostatectomy: Patient, Partner & couple solutions

We’ll review in this article the concrete solutions to enhance sexual recovery for surgically-treated men with prostate cancer. The removal of the prostate triggers libido, erection and ejaculation issues that interferes with interest in sex and/or ability to engage in sexual relations. To facilitate sexual intercourse & return to a normal sexuality it is advised

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Prostate Cancer Treatments & Sexuality

FAQs on risks and side effects We’ll review in this article the most frequent asked questions pertaining to prostate cancer & sexuality The most common treatments of prostate cancer are prostatectomy (surgical removal of the prostate) and radiotherapy (external irradiation of cancerous prostate). The patient should be fully informed about risks and side effects of

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Consequences of prostate cancer treatment on patient’s sexual life

Prostate cancer treatments can impact sexual life of patient, affecting to varying degrees of severity their libido, erectile function & ejaculation capacity. These medical issues can be accessible for treatments and will be addressed through another article.   Main treatments and their effects Prostate cancer is the most common men (+50 aged) cancer in France with

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Modern Anatomy of the prostate with neuro vascular bundles necessary for an erection.

Is sex possible after radical prostatectomy?

The physiological mechanism that allows us to trigger and maintain an erection in humans is complicated. It is a vascular phenomenon: the erection occurs when the corpus cavernosum in the penis fill with arterial blood with a high flow into the cavernous arteries and a subsequent decrease in venous outflow. This vascular phenomenon is triggered

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