Curative Treatments of Prostate Cancer

Curative treatment of prostate cancer is intended for patients with a prostate tumor that has remained localized in the gland, without having spread out into the capsule.

The patient has the choice between several methods of treatment, the advantages and the disadvantages according to the particular case will have been explained to the patient by his urologist.

Prostate cancer surgery

Radical prostatectomy is the curative gold standard treatment of prostate cancer when it is at intra capsular stage, still localized in the prostatic gland.

We consider the following points:

  • What this procedure consist of ? ;

Radiation therapy for prostate cancer

We deal with general principles of radiation therapy of the prostate, then its two methods:

Focused ultrasounds

Among latest treatments for localized prostate cancer curative treatment, we find cryotherapy, and also High Intensity Focused Ultrasounds (HIFU).

These techniques are beneficial for groups of well selected patients.