sténose urétrale

Diagnosis of urethral stricture

The narrowing of the male urethra is often overlooked or diagnosed late because the signs and symptoms that suggest the existence common to other obstructive diseases of the urinary tract and the most commonly used imaging explorations do not explore the urethra properly. But it is important to bear this diagnosis early so as to

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Schema uretre et prostate

Urethral stricture : Symptoms and signs

The male urethra is a canal running from the bladder to the penis. This canal is the vector of the semen and urine. Its shrinkage is a pathology (the “urethral stricture”) that should be addressed at the earliest in order to avoid complications. In that goal, it is important to know the clinical signs that evoke this

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The causes of urethral stricture

The male urethra is a duct that leads from the bladder to the end of the rod and which carries the semen and urine. Because of its fragility, local lesions can cause shrinkage. This pathology called “urethral stricture” is more frequently observed; it should be treated in order to avoid complications. Its causes are mainly

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Male Urethra Anatomy

The male urethra is a conduit spread over the genital & urinary systems. This musculomembranous canal is running from the bladder to the end of the penis and carries the sperm but also drains the urine from the bladder outwards. A circular muscle, the sphincter, located at its initial portion, control the urination. The urethra

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