Intake of oral mucosa flap in reconstructive surgery of the urethra

Reconstructive surgery of the urethra is based on the concept of tissue transfer. It comes to moving tissue from a source member to the receiver member with a medical condition requires reconstructive surgery. Each fabric has physical characteristics of its own: extensibility internal tension viscoelasticity which are a function of the arrangement between them of

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Urétroplastie pour sténose de l’urètre bulbaire

Urethroplasty for bulbar urethral stenosis with free flap oral mucosa

Most strictures of the currently observed male urethra are located at the bulbar urethra. The free flap urethroplasty oral mucosa, according to BARBAGLI technique is the treatment we realize preferentially in this indication in case of failure of endoscopic urétrotomies. Description ventral urethroplasty with oral mucosa free flap The narrowing of the urethra being defined as

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Urethroplasty with free flaps of oral mucosa

The fact that over 200 technical of urethroplasties were published, highlights the difficulty of reconstructive surgery of the urethra, which exposes to many complications and functional and cosmetic results unsatisfactory often see ill. Free flap of oral mucosa are used for over a hundred years for reconstructive plastic surgery, and since 1941 for surgery of

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The treatment of urethral stricture

Treatment of urethral stricture improves human comfort by allowing him to urinate with ease, and it protects the urinary tract threatened with deterioration because of the impact of the obstruction. However, one of the main difficulties of this treatment is the frequency with which these strictures recur. The indications and the choice of surgical treatment

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Urétrotomie interne par voie endoscopique

Endoscopic internal urethrotomy

Endoscopic urethrotomy is usually the first line therapy performed to treat the urethra strictures, particularly when it touches the bulbar portion of the channel. It’s easy production intervention, minimally invasive, requiring only a short hospital stay and also a short interruption of personal and professional activities. However, it is noted that for short strictures, and the recurrence

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